Reduce your building costs with green technology

building with green technology

We are all going green, some industries are ahead of the curve, but sooner or later we are all going to be part of the “greening revolution”. More and more, people are going to want to ensure that they are reducing their carbon footprint by living as green as possible, which includes the buildings that they are living in, working in and places they visit for business or leisure.

What is a green building?

A green building is a building that has been constructed using green sustainable building practices. These practices use environmentally friendly materials and the building itself is designed to minimise the impact on the surrounding environment. This includes but goes beyond adding a solar water geyser, a greywater system, and rainwater harvesting tanks.
A green building is designed and built to be resource efficient, environmentally responsible through-out its life-cycle from design, construction, maintenance and renovation to ultimate deconstruction.

Isn’t going green expensive?

This is a common misconception and general broad excuse used to avoid adopting greener building materials. Some greening inclusions to the building do have an additional cost such as installing solar panels, rainwater harvesting tanks, and greywater systems, but the long-term result is significant cost savings.
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